The Scrolls of Aror

Fear the Terror

Fallen Friends Part 2


  • On top the tower, Iados Terror attacks Mithos with an attack that drains his life.
  • Fearing for his life, Mithos jumps off the tower morphing into a floppy flying fish thing
  • Mithos hits the side of the tower and rolls to the ground unconscious and barely clinging to life.
  • As more wizard student rush up the tower steps, Thia falls out the highest tower window and lands unconscious next to Mithos.
  • Curzweil and Twig descend the stairs blasting through Jorge
  • Curzweil and Twig find a lower window to jump out of
  • Thia regains his consciousness and attempts to resusitate Mithos to no avail
  • The party is forced to flee, leaving a dead friend behind
  • Iados Terror drapes Mithos’s dead body with his robe as the party flees
  • The party decides to take their chances traveling through the Blazeridge region
  • During a rainy night, they stop to stay at an inn near the border of Blazeridge and Farwrath
  • At the inn they see a twitchy fellow wearing tattered cloaks with his hood up.
  • Upon confronting him a huge fireball erupts from within him, blasting a whole in the inn and injuring all who were nearby
  • A bunch of strange magic seems to happen to him, outside of his control
  • Banned from the inn the party agrees to help him out
  • The teifling introduces himself as Reverence
  • Curzweil explains how they are traveling to see a sorcerer named Straiglic the Silver who may be able to help Reverence control his magics


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