The Scrolls of Aror

Begininng of a new journey

The party decides to travel south and east through the Blazeridge region, planning to avoid the capital.
During their ride, Reverence randomly starts to shine and his skin changes to a vibrant blue color.
In the middle of a night, Twig hears a growling sound and wakes everyone up to find 12 yellow eyes staring at them in the darkness.
The eyes belong to 3 2-headed death dogs who try and eat our party for a midnight snack.
The party defeats them, with great help from the powerful magic from Reverence.
On the road again, Reverence turns into a blue sheep and delays the party from continuing.
Party arrives at a port town, and tries to gather supplies.
Reverence walks up to a potion shack and gets bullied and pushed around.
The party visit a temple of Poseidon, where the priests are accepting bribes in exchange for voyage blessings.
The priests refuse to help cure Reverence of his blueness.
The party sets up a heist to steal from the potion’s guy.
With Curzweil’s distraction Reverence creates a fog cloud.
The party escape the scene successfully but only manage to steal one potion. (Reverence escapes as a potted plant)
The party regroups and leaves the town, continuing their journey through Blazeridge.


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