The Scrolls of Aror

Where do we go from here

After defeating the scourge of necromancy in the silver mine, our heroes made their way back up and out of the mine. Upon seeing the light of the exit, Twig heard voices outside of the mine talking in a scratchy speech that he did not understand. After alerting everyone else, Mithos let out a yell prompting two hooded figures to step into view.

As an arrow flew by the party from one of the figures, everyone leapt into action. With the help of a strong wind emanating from Mithos, the fight was mostly kept to a ranged battle. Eventually, a commanding voice from outside the mine was heard directing two more figures to step into the fight. Then, the owner of that voice stepped forward with his hood down, showing his orange-red skin, pointy red ears and yellow eyes. The hobgoblin captain threw two javelins striking Curzweil and Orynn.

When the captain was the last one remaining, realizing the battle could not be won, he attempted to flee. Part of our group gave chase, while others tended to those with serious injuries. The hobgoblin captain was felled after getting hit with a multitude of ranged attacks.

With the battle over, the party began to take some time to bandage themselves and talk about what they should do next. Starlight revealed that everyone present at the Gathering had begun to leave Brandyshire, and her father’s scouts reported that Theo Salma, Thax Dalmar, and Louis Orion were seen to have been traveling with Karraq Doom toward’s Farwrath’s capital Darkwell, Doom’s home.

While everyone was still resting, Starlight explained that she had to leave and return to her father and to the Eclipsed Woods and bid everyone farewell.

The party traveled back to Brandyshire to rest up and gather information. And to tend to some crops. After going around town and asking questions to the villagers, everyone (save Mithos) met up at the temple of Aphrodite and mosied on down to Mithos’s tree house where he was no where to be found. Everyone decided to continue on to Darkwell without him.

Mithos was in fact about a half a mile south west from his house collecting some turnips for a nice little brunch. Not worrying about the affairs of the rest of the group, Mithos went about his day as he had for many years, tending to crops, enjoying the bounty of the earth, reading up on gardening techniques, taking in the beauty of the sunset and stars in the night sky.

The next morning our adventurers reached the city of Darkwell. Along the road they had passed many carts carrying various goods in and out of the city. Trade seemed to be doing really well for this city. A new black stone wall surrounded the city, it was mostly finished but there were workers putting finishing touchings on some areas.

From within the city, one structure stood out from all the rest. A dark red tower that seemed to loom over the city’s inhabitants.


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