The Scrolls of Aror

The Trial of Curzweil and Hodgins

7 vs 7

During the feast following The Gathering, guards of Brandyshire and retainers of Theo Salma start to see through the disguises of Curzweil and Hodgins Verathan. After some arguments, the guards put the two of them in chains and start to bring them towards Karraq Doom.

A large crowd gathers around the great lord Karraq Doom’s table and the new prisoners. Karraq Doom decides to settle the crimes of our two heroes right here and now. Knowing that a huge crowd has gathered, Doom chooses to hold a Trial of Seven to determine the innocence or guilt of Curzweil and Hodgins.

Theo Salma volunteers to act as accuser in the trial. And Straiglic the Silver walks up to Curzweil and puts a hand on his shoulder and says that he will fight for him if he’s able to procure the 4 other people to fight. Thia, Orynn, Twig, and Mithos all agree to fight in the Trial of Seven.

Before the trial, Orynn follows the wizard student Jorge who was sent on an errand by Karraq Doomto a tent just outside the tourney grounds, where Orynn is turned away by a tall dark red tiefling.

As the trial is about to begin, the party notices that Theo Salma is joined by 3 of his personal guards and 2 of Doom‘s guard. Through the crowds walks a man in full plate armor, shimmering silver, with spikes adorned all over. He joins Salma’s group and the battle begins.

The hero’s fight bravely with Hodgins falling multiple times at the hands of Theo Salma and Mithos falling near the end of the battle after discovering that the plate armor was moving on its own with no one inside. Thia manages to break the enhancement holding the armor together as Straiglic the Silver gut punches Theo Salma to unconsciousness ending the trial.

Doom announces the innocence of Hodgins Verathan and Curzweil as the party takes a rest to recover from the battle.


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