The Scrolls of Aror

Straiglic's Quest - The Lost Elf Part 1

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It...

As the crowds at The Gathering grounds start dissipating, Straiglic the Silver approaches Curzweil an commends him and his companions for fighting bravely. He then says that he has a task that may be suitable for them but that he cannot speak of it here and to meet up with him tomorrow morning.

After agreeing to meet up at the temple of Aphrodite in the morning,Mithos retires to his tree house just outside town and the rest of the party then decides to hit a local tavern for some drink and relaxation. The party bonds and gets to know each other a little better.

The next day the party, excluding Twig and Mithos, meet up in front of the temple of Aphrodite with Hodgins stumbling along, still a little drunk from the previous night. Suddenly, he trips and falls flat on his face while looking off down a side street where he notices two people observing him, who quickly retreat upon being noticed.

As Thia helps Hodgins off the ground, a female elf with pale white skin, light red eyes, and white-silvery hair with hints of bluish streaks running through it, steps out of the temple, introducing herself as Starlight the Silver, daughter of Straiglic the Silver.

Starlight leads Curzweil, Hodgins, and Orynn to her father’s camp as Thia heads to the woods to retrieve Mithos who is found tending to his carrots and other crops.

Upon meeting with Straiglic the Silver, he explains that he has journeyed to the Farwrath region to investigate the Doom clan’s sudden rise in wealth and power, using The Gathering as an excuse to travel to Karraq Doom’s lands. Straiglic says that went he first got to the town of Brandyshire, one week ago, he sent forth many scouts to question the people of Farwrath and to inspect the lands and report their findings.

Straiglic then reports to the party of one scout, named Mado who did not return and asks the party to set out and find out what happened to him and return him safely if possible. Mithos asks what the other scouts were able to learn. Straiglic explains that his scouts found that the land had a large surge in silver coins with the people proclaiming that the economy was booming and times were improving for all. But one scout found the remains of a silver mine that was all emptied out, with it’s silver wells all run dry. But the scout also reported large number of skeletons and bones all throughout the mine.

“Necromany…” declared Mithos as Straiglic nodded his head and said how that was his fear as well.

The party then set out upon albino horses and a mule lent to them by Straiglic, leaving word for Twig should he be found. After a day’s travel they start making camp and sleep by the side of the road. During the night the party is attacked by two of Theo Salma’s men. They are easily dispatched but not before Hodgins takes a crossbow bolt to the chest.

In the morning, Mithos prepares a funeral pyre for their attackers as the rest of the group splits up to ask the local farmers if they had seen an elf with white hair and white skin upon a white horse riding by asking any questions. With clues from the farmers the party locates some disturbed bushes by the road leading into the woods and sets off into the forest in search of the lost elf.


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