The Scrolls of Aror

Straiglic's Quest - Exploring the mine

After the event of the Gathering, Twig stayed behind in Brandyshire helping those who were injured in the great event and also tending to the forest and woodland area that was cleared and demolished to make way for the Gathering. Straiglic the Silver sent word to Twig about his companions quest and provided him with a horse and rations to make the journey himself to catch up.

Upon stopping for the night to rest Twig began to see a vision.

Smoke and dark clouds were forming.
Flashes of fire.
Flashes of swords.
Flashes of axes.
Flashes of blood.
A great forest was on fire.
Dead bodies strewn about the forest floor engulfed in flames.
The bodies… start to move.
Suddenly, a bright flash comes from the sky.
A large shining green arrow comes forth from the flash,
extinguishing the fire.

Twig breaks from the vision in a cold sweat and continues his journey.

As Twig reaches Orynn at the entrance of the mine, the rest of the party is found to be exiting the mine. They speak of what happened in the mine and of Twig‘s vision. Orynn volunteers to return to Straiglic to tell him of Mado’s fate, while the party decides that the mine needs to be cleared and taken care of.

While the party rests up before reentering the mine, Thia hears a mine cart approaching the mine’s exit. After retreating to the woods the party sees two skeletons pushing the cart. After the cart reaches the end of the tracks disembodied claws start to leap from the cart. The claws form a line from the cart to the carriage and start unloading the cart, throwing pieces of silver along the line. The skeletons oversee the whole process and eventually the claws and the skeletons return to mine.

After resting the party inspects the carriage and sees a crate with 300 pieces of silver in the carriage. They then enter the mine eager to return with the found silver.

Inside the mine, the horse skeleton that was already dealt has begun to put itself back together but not before Mithos and Twig make short work of it. Twig then says a prayer to ease the soul of the passed horse.

The party then decides to travel down a different tunnel than the one in which they found Mado. Curzweil consults the Tarot for guidance as to which path to traverse. He draws the Chariot, and after a considerable amount of fruitless contemplation, Thia jumps into a mine cart and tells the others to push, forming a chariot of her/his own. The first tunnel they traverse down ends in a dead end with shovels all about the dirt wall.

Following a second tunnel, the cart tracks and support beams stop and they come across sounds of digging and groaning. Twig sneaks in to investigate and sees a large ogre zombie with a huge shovel digging at the tunnel wall. It then pulls out a large rock from the wall with its hands and picks its shovel back up and continues digging. Twig then retreats to the party where they discuss if they should take care of the zombie or leave him alone and follow a different path. They decide to charge in and fight it. After several blade slashes, arrows, force blasts and boar tusks, the ogre zombie is defeated and even its severed hand is blasted away after it begins to move on its own. Curzweil takes its big shovel as a prize and the party retreats their steps.

Following the final tunnel, Mithos notices the air down this tunnel isn’t as foul and rotten flesh smelling as the other paths. They come across an empty barracks that has wooden posts and nails and tools for putting up support beams. They continue on to find two armored individuals in silver plate nailing up support posts in the tunnel. They immediately stop and turn their attention towards the party. The group defeats them as the armor falls to the ground revealing that there was no one inside them. The pieces of silver plate armor is scooped into sacks and dragged back up to the fork after the party finds that this path too has ended in a dead end.


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