The Scrolls of Aror

Straiglic's Quest - End of the line

Traveling back to the road, Orynn sees a company of men carrying banners with a symbol of a Lyre on them. The company is escorting a great lord who was present at The Gathering named Blumford The Bisque. Blumford travels along the road atop a palaquin, more being dragged than carried by his retainers. He is quite a large dragonborn, gluttonous even, very unlike his guards and men who seem skinny and malnourished.

After the company passes Orynn returns to the road and after about an hour an a half comes upon Straiglic the Silver’s company also traveling along the road. Orynn tells him the fate that befell Mado and that his companions were determined to rid the mine of all traces of necromancy and defeat the necromancer himself.

Straiglic seems troubled by the tale of Mado’s fate but grateful that our heroes were able to find out what happened to him. He gives Orynn a small wooden chest as a thank you and also says how he must return home to the Eclipsed Woods but he’ll have Starlight stay behind and help out. After getting ready Orynn and Starlight race off back to the mine.

The party all regroups inside the mine, determined to find the source of necromancy and defeat it. Retracing their steps through the mine, the remains of the undead that were already defeated have started to stir once more but the party pushes on past them. Eventually, they reach the room where they found Mado after defeating the disembodied hands that they had fled from the first time they came down this way. Twig’s holy ocarina music was loud and screeching but it seemed to turn away quite a number of the claws. From within the room the smell of burned rotted flesh hung heavy in the air.

Going down further in the tunnel, Thia hears a small whimper, crying for help coming from a room. With a great sense of cold in the area and their breaths visible in front of them the party enters the room and finds a small, white, shimmering, transparent figure huddled in the corner. The ghost child talks with Thia and says his name is Billy and that he’s scared, hurting, and confused. The party takes the boy with them promising to help.

After splitting up upon reaching a fork, Billys tells Thia that he doesn’t know why but he feels like he’s being pulled in one direction and that he wants to go that way and maybe his dad is that way. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang come across two other ghostly figures, a middle aged woman and a young girl, Sarah and Amanda. Twig promises them rest and they go back to regroup.

After going even further, Billy sees and runs up to a floating, unmoving male figures who he recognizes as his father, William. The figure then drops to the floor and seems to become awake but is confused. The family embraces each other and William explains how he remembered dying while fighting off an orc raid and the party says that a necromancer is bringing dead things back to life. The ghosts explain how they are in pain but are being pulled deeper into the mine and that they think that by going there they can ease their pain. Thia makes them promise to stay behind and that the party will help them when the necromancer is defeated.

Leaving the ghosts behind the party comes across a large minotaur skeleton wielding a great axe at guard in front of a room. They burst from around a bend and blast the skeleton with all their might, even lopping off its head. Thia enters the room to see silver ore shining throughout the walls and 4 skeleton miners, 2 adult size and 2 child size and a armored foe with dead black eyes, wispy white hair, and rotting flesh. The armored foe has skulls adorning his studded leather armor on his kneecaps and shoulders and has a longbow and a long sword. He attempts to re-resurrect the minotaur skeleton but it is immediately beaten down with the combine might of Orynn and Curzweil’s magic.

The party focuses their attacks on the armored foe leaving the skeletons alone (but not before blasting the bones of one of them across the room) and their foe drops to the floor and turns to ash and the remaining skeletons drop lifelessly. Thia runs to check on Billy and his family but they are no where to be seen.

Starlight inspects the ashes of the undead foe and says that she doesn’t think they killed the true necromancer. While this one definitely seemed to be controlling the minions that were in this mine, she had never heard of an undead being raising itself. To her knowledge only living beings could be the true source of necromancy.

With determination to see their quest to its complete end but not knowing where to go next or what their next clue could be, the party turns to Curzweil who draws from his deck revealing the Looming Tower.


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