The Scrolls of Aror

Lost in the City

Fallen Friends Part 1


  • Party returns to Humble Mead inn to learn Orynn has not returned
  • Party meets up with Twig at Statue of Doom
  • Twig explains that he and Hodgins Verathan were investigating Theo Salma
  • Party learns that Hodgins snuck into Doom’s estate the night before and has not returned.
  • Under cover of night, party sneaks into Doom’s estate
  • They find a room full of maps with figures of the emblems of the lords visiting Darkwell
  • In the dungeon, past the secret door in the library, they find the slain bodies of Hodgins Verathan and Louis Orion.
  • They escape with Hodgins’s body and bury him.
  • Party sneaks into Iados Terror’s magic school through the roof.
  • Within the tower the party cannot get past some magically locked doors.
  • Mithos transforms into a bug to go under the crack of the door
  • He forces a dwarf inside to open the locked door who gets immediately killed by Twig
  • Other wizard students rush the stairs after hearing the dwarf’s cry
  • The party fights off a group of students including the previously encountered senior student
  • During the fight, Mithos sneaks under yet another magically locked door
  • Mithos walks through a bed chamber (taking some robes with him) and a magic experimentation room before reaching the tower roof
  • On the roof’s floor is marked a teleportation circle
  • Stepping through a tear in space, Iados Terror himself suddenly appears on top of the tower.


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