The Scrolls of Aror

Life in the big city

Arrival at Darkwell

After Mithos finishes his day dreaming of what another day in solidarity would be like, his new friends knock on his door and they set off for the city of Darkwell.

The next morning our adventurers reached the city of Darkwell. Along the road they had passed many carts carrying various goods in and out of the city. Trade seemed to be doing really well for this city. A new black stone wall surrounded the city, it was mostly finished but there were workers putting finishing touchings on some areas.

From within the city, one structure stood out from all the rest. A dark red tower that seemed to loom over the city’s inhabitants.

Once inside the city, the party decides to investigate the tower as Curzweil’s Tarot Card Deck has recently revealed the Looming Tower card. Drawing from the deck again, the Shroud of Death card is drawn.

Hodgins explains that he is going to go off on his own and investigate what Theo Salma is doing in the city. The party makes plans to meet back up in a couple days at the statue of Doom at the entrance of the city. And not thinking that Hodgins will be able to survive on his own, Twig volunteers to look after him while the group splits up.

Our heroes spend some time at the Sleeping Dragon tavern and Orynn talks about his life back home, his library, and his mother. [Greg/Rohit, fill this in more]

Asking the bartender about the large tower in the city, the party finds out it is home to a powerful wizard and it is where he teaches his students. And when the party eventually travels to the tower, they find that it is connected to u-shaped building and there are no direct entrances into the tower, only two doors on each side of the u-shaped building.

After snooping around the tower grounds, Mithos goes to knock on the door as it is suddenly opened to a young tiefling who starts to yell at the hooligans creeping around his school grounds but he recognizes Orynn and starts to calm down. And Orynn recognizes the wizard student Jorge.

Jorge asks what they were doing and Curzweil explains that they are investigating a dark wizard and asks if Iados Terror was home. Jorge avoids the question and says that he doesn’t know but he’ll meet them at the Dark Fountain tavern to talk in an hour. Once the party is out of earshot, Jorge renters the school.

Thia, who had broken off from the group when Jorge appeared, had found a noisy bar with a band playing called the Humble Mead and many female waitresses, some of who where taking patrons to the back of the building. The bartender asked Thia if s/he’d be interested in a lady for the night, but Thia declined until the bartender pushed further and then agreed to an appointment for tomorrow night.

Leaving the Humble Mead, Thia and co. met up and went to the Dark Fountain, a tavern in the middle of the city overlooking the well from which the city and the fountain got their name. There they waited for Jorge who never showed up. The party snuck back to the Sleeping Dragon and spent the night there, fearful that they may have made some enemies.

Going back to the tower the next day, the party found the doors to be trapped. One of which shot out missiles of magic force when touched and the other had a crystal embedded in the door that when Curzweil‘s unseen servant used Mithos’s sickle to try and pry it out of the door, both the servant and the sickle disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After kicking the door in beast form, three magic missiles shot from the roof of the school building hitting Mithos in the back. A human wizard stood on top of the building demanding the party to leave. Orynn pried into his mind to learn that he is a senior student of Terror‘s school and he set up the traps once Jorge told him they were asking about a dark wizard. He also did not know where Iados was currently, but he wasn’t at the tower.

After refusing to leave, the competent wizard created a large ball of fire over his head and threw it at the group, badly damaging all and knocking Orynn unconscious. The party had no choice but to flee, carrying their wounded friend.


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