The Scrolls of Aror

The Trial of Curzweil and Hodgins
7 vs 7

During the feast following The Gathering, guards of Brandyshire and retainers of Theo Salma start to see through the disguises of Curzweil and Hodgins Verathan. After some arguments, the guards put the two of them in chains and start to bring them towards Karraq Doom.

A large crowd gathers around the great lord Karraq Doom’s table and the new prisoners. Karraq Doom decides to settle the crimes of our two heroes right here and now. Knowing that a huge crowd has gathered, Doom chooses to hold a Trial of Seven to determine the innocence or guilt of Curzweil and Hodgins.

Theo Salma volunteers to act as accuser in the trial. And Straiglic the Silver walks up to Curzweil and puts a hand on his shoulder and says that he will fight for him if he’s able to procure the 4 other people to fight. Thia, Orynn, Twig, and Mithos all agree to fight in the Trial of Seven.

Before the trial, Orynn follows the wizard student Jorge who was sent on an errand by Karraq Doomto a tent just outside the tourney grounds, where Orynn is turned away by a tall dark red tiefling.

As the trial is about to begin, the party notices that Theo Salma is joined by 3 of his personal guards and 2 of Doom‘s guard. Through the crowds walks a man in full plate armor, shimmering silver, with spikes adorned all over. He joins Salma’s group and the battle begins.

The hero’s fight bravely with Hodgins falling multiple times at the hands of Theo Salma and Mithos falling near the end of the battle after discovering that the plate armor was moving on its own with no one inside. Thia manages to break the enhancement holding the armor together as Straiglic the Silver gut punches Theo Salma to unconsciousness ending the trial.

Doom announces the innocence of Hodgins Verathan and Curzweil as the party takes a rest to recover from the battle.

Scroll One: The Gathering
Part 2

The day of The Gathering has arrived! As great lord Karraq Doom gives a speech thanking everyone for joining in The Gathering in celebration of the emperor’s new grandson, we find three of our hero’s, Thia, Mithos, and Twig, among the stands awaiting the start. The three others, Hodgins, Orryn, and Curzweil, are riding their horses into The Gathering grounds and receiving their element tags.

After Doom’s speech, a loud horn is played and all the horses start trotting in a circle. Getting faster and faster. And faster. As drums start to beat. Bum. Bum. Bum. And faster. Bum-bum. Bum-bum. Bum-bum. And even faster. Bum-bum-bum. Bum-bum-bum. Bum-bum-bum. And as the horses are in full sprint. BUM-BUM-BUM. BUM-BUM-BUM. BUM-BUM-BUM. The horses start turning tighter and tigher. An eagle screeches from the sidelines and drops a small ball into the center of the circle. BAAAAAOOOOOOO! The loud horn is heard again as the contest begins.

Orryn attempting to locate easy prey with tags other than his own almost falls off his horse but manages to hang on to the side. But he does notice that an earth tag is wrapped around that dropped in the center. Seeing that, Orryn creates a cloud of fog in the center of the fray. Curzweil failing to steal any tags rushes into the fog and creates an unseen servant who throws the earth tag ball up to him. Hodgins pushes his way through the rush of horses and men pummeling each other to get close to Theo Salma.

Theo Salma, Straiglic the Silver, and Samuel Verathan are all handed tags by their companions and they each now have a wind tag, fire tag, and water tag, so all they need is the earth tag.

In the crowds, Mithos barely avoids getting ale spilt all over him as someone behind him screams in excitement and throws their hands up in the air at the slight of horses crashing into each other. And while trying to get a closer look at the great lords, Thia is recognized by a female high elf who declares that she’s been looking for him. They slip away behind the crowds and talk about Thia’s past and future.

As men fall left and right and are trampled underneath the horde of horses, a strong wind blows clearing the fog from the center. Seeing this, Curzweil throws the earth tag to Straiglic the Silver who catches it with ease and gives Curzweil a curious look. Orryn loses his staff in the confusion and starts to back off. The circling of horses then starts to converge on Straiglic as Hodgins attempts to force Theo Salma off his horse but Theo manages to hold on and starts toward the earth tag. Samuel Verathan snatches the earth tag from Straiglic and leads the charge towards the exit gate. Samuel charges valiantly through the gate as horn and drums start back up again declaring the end of The Gathering.

As Karraq Doom declares Samuel Verathan the winner and awards him with the scroll of Skywrite. Samuel thanks Doom and accepts the victory in Karraq Doom’s name. Laughing and thumping his chest, Doom says that he was glad he accepted Samuel into his service and announces a feast for all to enjoy.

Scroll One: The Gathering
Part 1

The Great Lord Karraq Doom has sent out riders all throughout the country of Aror to hang up fliers detailing The Gathering, a great event held many times throughout history but not in recent memory.

The Gathering!!
Hosted by the Doom clan in the Farwrath region
In celebration of our great Emperor Azrmiir Meddrake and his new grandson Balasar Meddrake.
The great lord Karraq Doom humbly awaits the lords and knights of Aror at winter’s end.
Participants wanted! 5gp entry fee
Prize: Fame and Glory! And a magical scroll!
Workers wanted for preparations.

A week before winter’s end, we find Curzweil inside of a prison cell in the town of Brandyshire awaiting questioning for the mysterious death of a young woman named Donna. As the guards leave him in his cell, Curzweil uses Mage Hand to grab the keys to the cell off of their hook to free himself. As he whistles and gathers his belongings, Thia hears the strange whistling and pokes his head through the window to see a culprit escaping his cell and rushing to the guard station entrance to report the escape.

Just to the north of Brandyshire two woodland fellows, Twig and Mithos leave their homes in the woods to investigate a large company of men cutting down trees and clearing a large part of the forest in preparation for The Gathering. After speaking with a worker they decide to go into town to speak with someone in charge.

Gnome wizard Orynn studies the town of Brandyshire and sees many people sigining up for The Gathering in the center of town. He also notices a large group of people heading toward the center of town, with a well dressed human leading the group.

Meanwhile Hodgins Verathan is pick pocketing and deceiving many of the new people that have traveled to witness The Gathering.

Back at the guard station Thia attempts to explain the prison break to no avail as Curzweil barrels through the few guards attempting to recapture him but manages to squeeze on through when Thia unintentionally distracts the guards. Curzweil escapes as Thia runs after him.

In the center of town Twig and Mithos angrily approach the table set up for registration while commanding others in line to allow them to pass. After much argument about the destruction of the forest, well dressed Samuel calms down both parties and helps come up with an agreement that no more trees will be cut down if Twig and Mithos agree to help with the remaining preparations for the gathering.

Hodgins Verathan while investigating great lord Theo Salma, he learns that Theo will be entering The Gathering along with 20 of his retainers.Hodgins then decides to infiltrate Theo’s retainers by murdering one of his guards named Wrex in the back alley of a tavern, and mangles his face so he is not recognizable.

Upon pulling the Withering Flower card from his Tarot Card Deck, Curzweil decides to check out The Gathering grounds with Thia in pursuit. There they get acquainted with Twig and Mithos. Curzweil learns more of The Gathering and decides to enter under a disguise.

Orynn wishing to learn more about the magical scroll prize of The Gathering, he meets up with a young Tiefling wizard student, Jorge. Jorge explains how the scroll was created by his master Iados Terror, and that it is a scroll of Skywrite. This provokes Orynn to enter The Gathering to try and win the prize.


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