The Scrolls of Aror

Life in the big city Part 2

The group returns to the Sleeping Dragon inn in defeat to rest up and decide what to do. After enjoying a meal together and resting Thia decides to lead the party into town to see the sights.

Mithos spots a crowded blacksmith’s shop and decides to enter. He inquires to the dwarf inside about buying a sycthe but the dwarf says that he only makes top grade weapons and armor and that Mithos should stop by the general store run by Lucien if he is looking for a simple tool. The party asks around and finds the location of the general store which is named Lucien’s Magnificent Crafts.

Upon entering Lucien’s Magnificent Crafts we see a knight in plate armor talking with and handing a small box of rolled up scrolls to an old tiefling behind the counter, the owner of the shop Lucien. Our heroes get a closer look and recognize the knight as the man who won The Gathering, Samuel Verathan, who then slyly hands a folded up note directed to Lucien’s inside coat pocket. And Lucien brings forth a sword from under-neath the counter to give to him.

On his way out, Samuel sees the party and steps forward to introduce himself to those he recognized from The Gathering. After chatting for a bit he leaves and the party starts looking around for items to procure.

Mithos finds a scythe, while Orynn eyes some jewels, and Curzweil asks Lucien about any enchanted swords. Lucien gets visibly excited when the prospect of selling a magic weapon starts to unfold, but he quickly gets annoyed when he realizes that Curzweil doesn’t have the gold to spend for the weapon. Thia also becomes interested in an item he cannot afford, jeweler’s tools, but returns them to their spot on the shelf when he learns the price.

Mithos suddenly “sneezes” and disperses a fog cloud throughout the whole store. Lucien starts screaming for everyone to get out of his shop and everyone rushes out. Meanwhile Curzweil summons an unseen servant to retrieve the scrolls brought in by Samuel Verathan but ultimately fails.

One of the cashiers of the shop runs to get the city guards, with Thia following, to return to a store not filled with fog anymore, and the other party members gone from the scene. The guards and Lucien inspect the shop to find nothing stolen and question everyone who was inside at the time. The annoyed guards chalk the whole thing up to someone playing a prank, possibly even students of Iados Terror who are known to have weird initiation traditions.

Orynn, still weak from the fireball attack by the senior student, returns to the Sleeping Dragon. Thia eventually regroups with Curzweil and Mithos at the Humble Mead, where they enjoy some drinks and some food. Curzweil slips a few gold coins to one of the waitresses who then pulls Mithos along into a room in the back.

After a couple minutes, a boar runs through the bar and out into a back alley. Curzweil apologizes to the bar tender and the young lady on behalf of Mithos.

Thia on the other hand, successfully fulfills his appointment.


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